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Have land and don’t know what to do with itLet Chelsea Design | Build help you discover the highest and best use that allows you to maximize your profit potential.
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Single Parcel Lots

Let’s talk about your options to sell your land to us, establish a joint venture with us, or have us build you a home to occupy, rent, or sell.

  • The UDO can be complicated, but we have the team of professionals with the inside knowledge. We work daily with the city on finding the opportunities with in the code that others just don’t know, that will help you maximize the value of your investment. 
  • We can Design, Build, and Sell/Rent the homes for you 

discover the potential

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Larger Parcel Lots

Let’s investigate the ability to subdivide, develop, and construct some homes for sale or for rent. We have a vertically integrated team of professionals to help you: 

  • Analyze the highest and best use for your land 
  • Navigate the subdivision approval process 
  • Horizontally develop your land 
  • Design homes and select finishes 
  • Construct the homes 
  • Sell or Rent the homes 

            our land process

            Pick all the THings

            We'll help you determine the highest and best use of your property

            Project phases:

            • Complete a simple questionnaire
            • Join an introductory call/meeting 
            • Perform initial feasibility study 
            • Complete necessary due diligence (Environmental, Geo, Hydro, Wetlands, Survey, Financial, Legal) 
            • Develop a preliminary sketch of possibilities 
            • Perform financial analysis of your project 
            • Develop Land Development plans for City/County/Town review 
            • Navigate review process until full approval 
            • Physically develop your land for preparation to build vertically 
            • Design the home(s)
            • Construct the home(s)
            • Sell/rent the home(s) 

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