7 Best Interior Designers in Charlotte 2023

7 Best Interior Designers in Charlotte 2023

February 20, 2023

One of the most fun parts of redesigning, remodeling, or building a new home is seeing your interior designer bring your personality and lifestyle into your home design in ways you never could have imagined. With so many talented interior designers in Charlotte, we couldn’t wait to share some of the very best to inspire your own interior design project.

How We Chose The Top Interior Decorators in Charlotte

These designers all get above 4 star reviews on the major review aggregators like Google, Facebook, and Houzz, and have been recognized in industry publications locally and nationally. Whether you’re deciding what direction to take for your own interior design project or just brainstorming new ideas for your space, these designer portfolios are sure to give you some creative inspiration. Come take a look.

The Best Interior Designers in Charlotte, NC

Georgia Street Design

Georgia Street Design is one of the premier interior decorators in Charlotte, NC. Owner Meredith Beregovski says she takes inspiration from her travels all over the world but is a Southerner at heart, and infuses her design point of view with her clients’ personal style.

New South Home

Before starting New South Home, owner Melissa Lee was a fashion buyer for 10 years. That eye for the unique and beautiful comes across in New South Home’s design, which mixes trendy pieces with classic Southern style. You can even shop the furnishings and décor from New South Home’s Instagram posts via their website.

Lucy and Company


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Lucy and Company is based in South End and has designed homes from coast to coast. The Charlotte Observer gave them a shout-out for design inspiration from their beautiful Instagram presence. In addition to room design and furniture sourcing, they also create design boards as a “mini-service” for customers who want to run with the idea on their own.

Dwell by Cheryl

Dwell by Cheryl prides itself on transforming a space with a style that is colorful, cultured, and “life-friendly.” During the pandemic, they launched an online course called Homeschool teaching design fundamentals and tips, now available as part of the new Dwell by Cheryl Academy. Owner Cheryl Luckett has also partnered with Wildwood to launch her own furniture and lighting collection.

Hart White Interiors

Hart White Interiors is one of the highest- and most-reviewed interior designers in Charlotte, NC. Their philosophy is to create timeless spaces with smart design and attention to detail.

Charlotte Lucas Interior Design

Charlotte Lucas Interior Design is a superstar when it comes to Instagram design inspiration, with over 50K Instagram followers at the time of this publication. The company’s portfolio has been Featured in Veranda, House Beautiful, Domino, Lonny, Southern Living, Elle Décor, and Coastal Living, and is known for its bold color and whimsical design.

Laura Casey Interiors

Founded in New York City in 2003, Laura Casey Interiors has been a Charlotte-based interior designer since 2007. Owner Laura Casey cut her teeth in some of the top NYC interior design firms and brings a sophisticated and timeless point of view to residential and commercial interior design projects in Charlotte.

If you decide to go for it and redesign, remodel, or build a new home for you and your family, most contractors will work with your designer of choice to create the home you envision. Some contractors, like Chelsea, even have their own internal team of designers you can choose to use. Dive in and have fun picking an interior designer whose work embodies the design philosophy and aesthetic you see in your new or reimagined home.