7 Steps To Organizing Your House Like The Home Edit

7 Steps To Organizing Your House Like The Home Edit

March 3, 2023

How To Organize Your House Like The Home Edit 

Ever since Marie Kondo first showed us how to “spark joy” and home renovation shows taught us that there’s such a thing as a professional organizer, many of us have tried our own hands at decluttering and organizing our homes. Then The Home Edit brought their Netflix show and Instagram eye candy into the mix, showing us that our storage organizers can be not just functional, but pretty! The possibilities are endless – storage containers in every size, organizing by color and function, making even a closet or home office into a zen-like destination of order and beauty. For those of us who can’t book The Home Edit to transform our homes and aren’t ready to hire another professional organizer to do the job, here are some tips on how to declutter and organize your home like The Home Edit. 


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  1. Pick A Room For Your Home Edit Transformation

You may feel ready for a whole-home transformation, but let’s start small. Choose one room in your home to focus on and practice your professional organizer skills. 

  1. Measure Your Space

Take precise measurements and buy storage organizers that will maximize that space for a neat, professional-looking appearance, and to be able to place as many items as possible in each bin. 

  1. Buy Matching Storage Organizers

Buying home storage containers from the same brand or color maximizes the visual appeal of your space. The Home Edit even has their own line of storage organizers at Walmart. From modular storage to headband racks to kitchen turntables, you can mix, match, and go crazy on storage containers for your home on pretty much any budget. 

  1. Declutter By Grouping Everything Into Categories

Depending on what you’re organizing, you can group by type of item, by what you use it for, even by color. If you’re working on your pantry, create zones with ingredients that you commonly pair together (a salad toppings zone, a sandwich zone, a pasta zone). Decluttering your closet? Put knit hats and scarves in lined bins beneath your sweaters for a winter-weather nook. Make sure your most commonly used essentials are easy to reach. 

  1. (Home) Edit, Edit, Edit

Throw away broken items; give away things that you don’t need or love. Don’t waste storage space on things you’re not going to use or enjoy. 

  1. Label Everything

Get some blank storage label stickers or clip-on labels and apply them to all of your home storage containers, bins, and baskets. For those of us who don’t have Pinterest-worthy handwriting, you can also order The Home Edit’s custom labels or preprinted labels organized by room to exactly match that Home Edit look. Clearly label all of your home storage containers so you, your family, or visitors would know exactly where each item belongs. 

  1. Make It Fun

The Home Edit team describes its aesthetic as “form, function, and fun”, so don’t forget the fun! Think not just like a professional organizer, but like a designer. A touch of whimsy can keep the home organizing process from looking – and feeling – boring. 

  1. Mimic The Home Edit With ROYGBIV

The Home Edit’s signature style includes organizing according to the colors of the rainbow, so if you can make it work while still making sense functionally, do it – group and organize your items according to ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)! And accents like colorful lids, a bright set of supplies, or a fun wallpaper behind shelving can really brighten your space.  

Enjoy Your Home Edit Transformation 

There, you did it! You may not have been on an episode of Get Organized with The Home Edit, but that doesn’t have to stop you from doing your best professional organizer impression and creating a beautifully organized home.