How To Decide on a Custom Home Builder

How To Decide on a Custom Home Builder

March 24, 2022

Building your custom home from scratch can be an exciting, yet demanding endeavor. But with the right builder, it can become far less daunting. From the floor plan to functionality and everything in between, the professionals will help you get what you want and need while guiding you all the way through the building process.


So, what exactly makes a home builder the right one for you? In this blog, we provide you with several factors to consider during your search. Here’s how to find a custom home builder who will turn your vision into reality:


Create a List of Potential Builders


Put together a list of potential home builders. You can scour through online reviews for the best and most popular names in your area, or take a more traditional route by:


  • Obtaining a list from your local home builders’ association. 
  • Checking out the real estate section of your local newspaper for articles and advertisements to learn more about the builders in your area. Gather details about the active builders, such as the types of homes they’re developing and the price range for their projects.
  • Talking to your friends and family for recommendations. You may even ask for the names of their acquaintances who have had a satisfactory experience with a custom home builder.


Ask Many Questions


The key to knowing how to find a home builder that aligns with your vision is to interview potential builders and visit their recently built homes and subdivisions. Ask the builder about each project, the dues, what they cover, and the names of some of their clients. Which project was finished on time? How will they determine the final price of your home? Who will supervise the project?


Then, ask the homeowners themselves about their experience with their respective builders. This is a great way to gain first-hand recommendations. You also want to know if they encountered any issues and if their builder responded promptly. Given a chance, would they choose to contract this builder again? People are likely to say whether or not they were pleased with the outcome, so take advantage of this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible.


Inspect Previous Projects Onsite


So you have requested and received a list of client references from potential builders. You may also have received the desired responses to your questions. Use this opportunity to match the builder’s promises with the end product. You can also contrast and compare the photos shown to you with the actual house.


Give yourself time to assess the quality and craftsmanship of each home and see if the work speaks for itself. If you notice some discrepancies, don’t hesitate to dig deeper. Determine if there are red flags such as failure to follow building codes or resorting to inferior materials.



Make Sure the Price Is Right


An important step when considering how to find a home builder is to ensure you can afford the rates. You should be shortlisting those whose pricing fits within your budget range. This means you need to feel certain about the upfront costs so you can include them in your budgeting. Also, take note of what is not included, such as additional costs for landscaping, appliances and more


In your evaluation of various builders, it’s wise to bear in mind that there may be builders with deceptive practices. For instance, a potential contractor may provide an estimate that is much lower than the others. The builder may be willing to cut corners to be able to give you a “good deal”. If there are any factors that seem off, it’s best to get a second opinion.


Look At How They Treat Their Customers


If you’re wondering how to find a home builder that treats its clients well, look no further than online review sites and local directories. These places usually provide you with unbiased feedback from real customers. If anything, reviews and the company’s responses to them show you how a home builder values the voice of its customers. It also signals a willingness to communicate.


Of course, the content of the reviews may also reveal if a builder is good to do business with, including the after-sales. The last thing you want is a builder who leaves you in the dark after you’ve handed over your money. This is why it’s vital to forge a good relationship with your builder. 


The design, construction and warranty process can often last years. Keeping in mind that the process will not always run perfectly, you want to make sure your point of contact with your builder remains based on mutual trust. Ultimately, the builder you choose should be focused on doing the right thing and not just profit-driven. 

How To Find a Custom Home Builder You Can Trust


It’s important to consider the essential factors on how to find a custom home builder that aligns with your needs, preferences and budget. Partnering with the right one is crucial as you will be working with this team and its people for quite some time. 


At Chelsea, we care about the people who enlist our expertise. This is why we cultivate a relationship with them from the get-go and allow it to grow beyond turnover. We apply building science, collaborate with homeowners and employ quality assurance to create comfortable, well-developed custom homes for modern living.


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