How To Personalize A New Home

How To Personalize A New Home

March 24, 2022

Whether you have built a home from scratch or bought a speculative (spec) house, you probably want to personalize it by adding unique home features. You can start with the details and pick colors and textures you love, or change things up on a large scale and install hardware and fixtures that reflect your taste. 

However, you might also be aware that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes starting is the most challenging stage. Then, decision fatigue sets in once you’re flooded with countless design choices. You’re also trying to beat time because house members may start to complain about the constant noise and movement. 

To speed up the process, here are some useful pointers for incorporating cool house features into your new house – and making it feel like home:

Implement Contrast

Choose a contrasting or striking color to showcase your individuality. It’s a brilliant way to boost your curb appeal and less commitment than painting the whole exterior. You can choose from front door color favorites, such as red, teal, slate blue or brown.

While you’re at it, see if you also have to update the hardware. A new knob or decor can create the effect you are aiming for. You might also want to replace the traditional lock with a digital one to complete the upgrade.

Play With Textures

When we say textures, we’re not just referring to your wall finishing. It could be a rugged but fluffy carpet that gives the room a soft, comfortable feeling. Or a wood or metal coffee table that complements the aesthetics of a modern room.

You can mix these cool house features to strike a balance in an area. Then, let one material shine in another: linen for a minimalist look, velvet for a luxurious vibe and wool for a comfortable feel.

Add Some Potted Plants

Plants are a valuable addition to any home, because they enliven the place and make the air fresh. Plus, a potted palm tree, Monstera or any big plant instantly beautifies a space. The same goes for smaller types of plants such as herbs, cactuses and succulents, which are perfect in bathrooms and kitchens.

Further, if you want to add color and scent to the greenery, you can display freshly cut flowers in vases around the house. You can arrange mixed blooms and put them in the living room, bedroom and library (if you have one). A single bud also makes a difference against an empty wall or on a shelf.

Hang Up Photos or Artwork 

Transform an empty wall in your house by hanging a collection of photos. Arrange your favorite photos to accentuate the living room or line them up in your hallway to decorate a rather featureless area. You can also use paintings and artwork if you aren’t set on putting up portraits on the wall.

Are you still not sure if you want to drill holes on the walls of your new home? What if you want to reorganize the pictures, right? Luckily, you can pick up some nail-free, no-damage hooks or hangers in most hardware stores.

Upgrade Window Treatments

Elevate the aesthetics of any room while making your home feel cozier with a window treatment that works. You can go for a hard treatment like blinds, shades or shutters or a soft one with curtains, drapes, sheers, etc. There’s also a combination of both called the layered window treatment, which helps control the lighting while blocking the view inside your home from the street.

Whatever you choose, ensure you’re using the same treatment style on all windows to maintain a consistent look. This will also make the interior feel coherent.

Improve the Lighting

Installing a lighting fixture is another means to add cool house features. But,  take extra care not to overdo it. You don’t have to place a hanging light in each room. Instead, aim to create visual clarity so the eye can land on something specific, a focal point, to be specific. For instance, hang a chandelier in larger spaces like the family room or dining room. In smaller rooms, you may want to use a modern floor lamp or vintage-style sconces.

In addition, you may also improve your lighting by ditching inefficient, traditional lamps for energy-efficient ones or setting up a smart lighting system for a more advanced option.

Customize Shelves and Cabinets

Nothing says “welcome home” better than a house where all of your things have their own place. It will make your daily life so much easier and your home a source of calm and relaxation. That’s why it’s crucial to map out the areas where you’ll need shelves and cabinets. If you have a small space, you can also keep things tidy by outfitting your closet with a storage system.

Enhance the Exterior

Don’t forget to fill your backyard with unique home features as well. Entice your family and guests to come out by setting up an alfresco dining table or constructing a welcoming barbecue area. Furnish it with a fire pit and a patio heater to keep everyone warm when hosting during colder months. 

You can also spruce up your porch with a hammock or swing on which you can spend those relaxing afternoons. Further, provide enough shade in your outdoor room to protect you during extremely hot days and create some privacy between you and the neighbors.

Create Your Home Your Way

Turn these ideas into unique home features by letting your individuality shine through the planning and design process. You may also consider enlisting the help of professional interior and exterior designers to ensure you’re making the most out of your choices.

At Chelsea, we are committed to building you a fully customized home where you can be happy, safe and healthy. Our service includes providing support in personalizing the design of your new home so you can proudly call it your own. You can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind from the moment you entrust the first step to us. We’ll see your project through to completion and we won’t stop finding solutions until you are satisfied.

Our team works closely with each client to create the home they have envisioned. Feel free to reach out to us and ask our experts about how CBG can get your custom project started today.