Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Charlotte, NC

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Charlotte, NC

October 6, 2023

Every day, approximately 100 people are moving to Charlotte, NC. You might be considering a move to Queen City while wondering what the fuss is about. Like most fast-growing metros, Charlotte has many positive features going for it, including a bustling economy. With so much to offer, finding out if Charlotte is the best place for you should be easy. With a population of almost 900,000 (as of 2019, according to Data USA), Charlotte is brimming with opportunity and extends a warm welcome to tourists and prospective residents alike. 

Let’s explore why living in Charlotte is an excellent choice for different kinds of people: families with children, young professionals, retirees and more.

  • Is Charlotte NC a Good Place to Live?
  • Should I Move to Charlotte NC: 10 Reasons You Should

Is Charlotte NC a Good Place To Live?

Charlotte has been recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States by the U.S. News & World Report. The online news magazine has cited the city’s “own culture, culinary sophistication and unique feel” as the primary reasons people choose to settle down here.

In addition, the same organization has named Charlotte one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. The study found that three move in for every two individuals who leave Charlotte. And the main drivers for this decision include the increasing job opportunities and high quality of life. 

Should I Move to Charlotte NC? 10 Reasons You Should

So, is Charlotte, NC a good place to live? For the majority of people living and working in the city, the answer is yes – for the reasons mentioned above. Let’s break down these factors and delve into what sets Charlotte apart from the rest:

  1. Balanced Cost of Living

    Charlotte’s living expenses are more affordable than the national average. According to Payscale, housing prices, utility costs and grocery expenses are 14%, 8% and 6% lower than the national average, respectively.

    To give you an idea, the median home price is $296,685 and the median rent is $929.39 per month. The low cost of living here provides a friendly environment for different types of people. From families to college students to retirees, residents of Charlotte get to maximize the value of their money.

  2. Prominent Financial Center

    Dubbed as the banking hub of the southern states, Charlotte boasts a dynamic financial services industry. It has risen to the top in a constant battle with San Francisco for the second spot – while New York remains unbeatable as number one on the list.

    The city is home to the corporate headquarters of Bank of America, the country’s second-largest bank by assets held. Other Fortune 500 companies like Lowe’s, Duke Energy and Nucor also have offices here. So there’s plenty of opportunity for those who want to work in financial services. As of 2019, city data showed that 53,135 people were employed in this industry.

  3. Promising Job Market

    Aside from a career in finance, the Charlotte metro area offers a broad array of occupations in engineering, information technology (IT), legal, operations, real estate, community services and more. 

    The government is a top employer, providing jobs to thousands of people with a good compensation package. Meanwhile, the private sector remains a source of career opportunities for many. It’s well represented by companies ranging from the Compass Group for restaurants to Atrium Health for health care to CommScope for telecommunications.

  4. Impressive Schools

    If you’re a parent, you might be pleased to hear that Charlotte schools recently ranked first among public, charter and magnet schools in North Carolina. In addition, Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy was recognized as the no. 1 elementary school and no. 2 middle school in the state. Scholars Academy, a charter school, took the state-wide top spot for elementary and middle school levels. 

    If you’re looking for private schools, check out top list of private schools in Charlotte. For those going or sending their children to college, the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, Queens University of Charlotte and Johnson C. Smith University have high student satisfaction rates on top of good rankings for specific fields like engineering and education.

  5. Reliable Public Transportation

    Driving a car to work is convenient, but Charlotte’s reliable metro public transport is here to help you move around more safely and faster. The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Bus Service runs local, express and regional routes and operates almost 24 hours all week. Then there’s the light rail that connects various city points, from South Charlotte to Center City and from NoDa to the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

  6. Unique and Diverse Neighborhoods

    From the historical to upcoming neighborhoods in Charlotte NC, there’s a community here that will cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. Each area offers a unique set of options for residents, workers and even guests.

    Uptown Charlotte – the name for downtown Charlotte – combines the historic core, central business district, cultural hotspots and residential areas. Then you have Ballantyne with its upscale homes and numerous golf courses, North Davidson or NoDa as the arts center and University City with its research park and major corporation concentration.

    Besides these communities, expect upcoming neighborhoods in Charlotte NC to expand your selection of residences. These include the custom homes located in Chelsea’s The Bridge at Sharon View, Kale Mills, Cityside West and ReAlta, the first solar neighborhood in the city.

  7. Rich Local Arts and Culture

    The culture enthusiast will not run out of things to enjoy in this city. You can live here for years and still find something new to watch and explore.

    Art museums abound in the city, with their exhibits featuring the work of international artists. Performance venues provide the stage for local and Broadway productions. And, of course, public art catches the attention of many tourists.

  8. Booming Foodie Scene

    From healthy food to fine dining, the Queen City has no shortage of culinary options. The likes of Luna’s Living Kitchen serve vegan breakfast, while upscale spots like the R.H. Rooftop Restaurant let you dine like royalty during date night. Others give you a taste of the famous Southern hospitality through their delightful dishes and fantastic service.

    For those curious about its nightlife, you can find vibrant bars and clubs in Charlotte where you can socialize and enjoy the opportunity of meeting new people.

  9. Epic Music Festivals

    Charlotte’s music scene continues to grow as shows and concerts return to the fore. From multi-day music festivals in the summer to multi-genre music fests, Charlotte has something for everyone.

    Whatever your music taste is, it’s easy to find a festival you’d like in Charlotte.

  10. Abundant Outdoor Activities

    Many Charlotte residents love being outdoors, and with the city’s exciting array of activities, there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. Whether it’s trekking, whitewater rafting, biking or trail running, you can enjoy the outdoors however you like. There are also parks, green spaces and recreation areas where you can play sports, and take your kids for a picnic or swim.

    Build a Custom Home in Charlotte

    Is Charlotte NC a good place to live? We’ve covered multiple reasons to consider moving to Charlotte. So, if our list has convinced you to move to Queen City, it may be time to start thinking about your new home.

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