What’s It Like To Build A Custom Home In Charlotte?

What’s It Like To Build A Custom Home In Charlotte?

March 3, 2023

Are you planning for a new home in Charlotte? Don’t forget that you’re not limited to the inventory that’s currently available – you can build a custom home in Charlotte that embraces all of your must-haves and perfectly complements your family and lifestyle. And if you’re working with the right custom home builder, that process can be seamless, straightforward, and low-stress.  

What Should I Consider When Building A Custom Home? 

Budget and style are two major considerations when you’re looking for a home builder in Charlotte, but they’re not the only ones. Here are some things to think about as you make your home builder decision: 


What are you willing and able to pay – on a monthly basis and in total – to finance your custom home? Talk to friends who have built custom homes in Charlotte, look at new homes on the market, and get estimates from potential builders to get a realistic budget range for you to consider. 

Level of service 

Are you comfortable doing a lot of the legwork and decision-making yourself, or do you want white glove treatment? Do you prefer a large company with a lot of extras, or a smaller team with a more personal approach? What level of communication do you expect from your builder? You have to weigh what you’re willing to pay with the level of service you want and how much of the work you’re willing to do yourself. 

Land ownership 

Do you already have land for your build? Many home builders require you to have land purchased before you can begin working with them. Some will help you find and purchase land if you’re not there yet. 

Design style 

Do you like the style of the home builder’s in-house designer? Do you feel they can capture and elevate your personal style? Do you already have a designer in mind that you want a home builder to work with? 

Personality and fit 

It’s important that you and your custom home builder have a rapport so you can communicate well, they understand your needs and vision, and you know you can trust them to build your home the way you want it. 

Steps To Building A Custom Home In Charlotte 

Each home builder will have a slightly different process, but most of them are marked by the same general phases. So what happens once you’ve chosen a custom home builder in Charlotte, and you’re purchased the land for your new home? 

Launch Meeting 

You’ll start with an initial meeting with your builder to discuss your wants and needs for your custom home. 

Design And Budgeting 

Your builder will come up with a design and develop specifications based on your initial meeting, and will present a budget based on that design. You’ll be able to go over the proposal with them to make sure that the design and budget accommodate everything you need for your home. 

Developing Plans With The Architect And Designer 

Your custom home builder may have an in-house architect and designer or a list of recommended contractors, or you might already have someone in mind you’d like to work with. The architect and designer will collaborate with your builder to create custom floorplans to bring your home to life. You’ll also work with the designer to select finishes and building materials. 


Once your budget and plans are in place, you can secure a loan for your build. Some home builders will help you navigate the financing process. 


The build team will begin construction and will bring your home plans to life! Your builder should communicate with you throughout the build so you can see how it develops. 

Final Touches 

Once your custom build is complete, you’ll do a walk-through with your builder and create a final list of any details that need to be addressed. Once you approve, your builder will close out the project and you can move into your dream home! 

What It’s Like To Work With A Charlotte-Area Custom Home Builder 

If you want to see more detail on what it’s like to work with a Charlotte-area custom home builder, take a look at our build process. At Chelsea, our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when your home is complete; we provide ongoing care for our customers. Make sure you look for a builder who similarly will consider you a lifelong customer and will be eager to help you with your house-related questions and needs long after you’ve moved into your dream home.