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Building vs Buying in North Carolina: Pros and Cons

Are you in the market for a new home? Or are you planning to build the perfect one yourself?   If you are planning on buying a pre-built house or building a customized home in North Carolina, it’s a good idea to gather information about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Buying a home offers more convenience, but it...
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How To Personalize A New Home

Whether you have built a home from scratch or bought a speculative (spec) house, you probably want to personalize it by adding unique home features. You can start with the details and pick colors and textures you love, or change things up on a large scale and install hardware and fixtures that reflect your taste.  However, you might also be...
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5 Things You Need To Know Before Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home is all about considering the smallest details. Do you go for a matte or glossy finish for your master bathroom tiles? Yes, that choice is yours to make. With various options and many ideas, decision-making can become more complex.  From construction to design, you have the opportunity to contribute to the entire process. Many unexpected things...
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How To Decide on a Custom Home Builder

Building your custom home from scratch can be an exciting, yet demanding endeavor. But with the right builder, it can become far less daunting. From the floor plan to functionality and everything in between, the professionals will help you get what you want and need while guiding you all the way through the building process.   So, what exactly makes...